The comming Health Era is Herbal Era. In the past 20 Years Scientists and Doctors have eccepted the importance of the Herbs, because it cures completely and naturally with out any side effects ! In the Modern Era due to lack of time , modern reaserches and expertise we could all go out from the herbal world and pick up modern medicines. In Modern medicine system results are not permanent and there is a series of side effects, We do not oppose the Modern medicine but we try to creat awareness and fight with the Side Effects and “ We will fight Better “ for that what we need to understand the importance of Herbs for our health life – Really it shows Miracles in all health Ailments, when used as indicated. Herbs have all! Only we have some lack of knowledge and the Trust about It.

I am continually amazed and excited by the effectiveness and dramatic role of Herbs and how Miraclously its promoting Health and well being. Certainly this will come as no surprise to those who are familiar or have trusted the HERBS, What might surprise you, However, this that modern clinical studies and trails have now scientifically endorsed that Therapeutic properties of many common and not so common herbs and such remidies are increasingly becoming popular Worldwide, The other reason for resurgence of Herbal and Natural remidies have proven efficiency combined with no side effects and safe.

The Goal of Herbs and Natural therapies is to restore health by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Herbs, Homeopathic remidies and tissue salts, Food suppliments , Nutirition, Water therapy and various other natural remidies support the immune system, Stimulate the body’s detoxifying action, Provide nourishment for rejuvenation, Strength and resistance to disease.

Another interesting study about herbs is that When GOD created Man on the Earth He Himself ( Through His messangers ) gave knowledge and references of only herbs to cure various and all health ailments. Which was accurate , well diagnosed and proposed Priscriptions for all Health disorders ! Now In the Modern medicine system knowledge and expertise made their own formulations to fight different health problems. Now you can think which Priscription will be more effective “ GOD Priscribed ” or “Man created” in the other words,
“ GOD” Priscribed “ HERBS” for Health Problems
“ Man“ Created “Medicine“ for Health Problems

Potentilly you can get a glimmering of why I consider natural medicines “ HERBS “ its so miraclous and magical . Herbs and Natural Remidies are substances offered and provided us to use by the Bounty of the Creator - We have been given all we need.

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